PayPal Standard

Developer CubeCart
License Free
Compatibility CubeCart v6 CubeCart v5
Date Added 16th Sep 2014, 16:58
Last Updated 8th Mar 2021, 09:14
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This is an old PayPal integration which is no longer developed. For a proven increase in sales conversions and to be able to accept more payment options we recommend using the PayPal Commerce extension instead.

CubeCart is an official partner of PayPal. Please find information about PayPal below and instructions concerning how each payment method can be enabled.

Why PayPal?

With 26 million accounts in the UK and over 230 million worldwide, PayPal is a popular payment method amongst millions of online shoppers and one of the global leaders in online payments.

PayPal is a faster, easier and safer way for customers to pay you online using all major debit and credit cards, online bank transfers and payments direct from account holders’ PayPal balance.

  • PayPal has different payment solutions to suit your business’ needs and size
  • Customers don’t even need a PayPal account to pay you
  • PayPal enables you to accept 24 currencies and trade in 190 markets
  • PayPal’s Seller Protection policy can protect you against claims, chargebacks and reversals on all eligible transactions

Website Payments Standard

Website Payments Standard lets you start accepting debit and credit cards, online bank transfers and PayPal balance payments online quickly and easily. Buyers don't even need a PayPal account to pay you.

With Website Payments Standard:

  • All you need is an email address to get started
  • Start accepting debit and credit cards, online bank transfers and PayPal balance payments straight away
  • Customers don’t need a PayPal account to pay you

Learn more about Website Payments Standard

Looking for PayPal Pro or Express Checkout?

This can be found here:

Auto Install/Upgrade

Click the thunderbolt () icon next to the package you wish to use for instructions.

Manual Install

  1. Click the download icon () next to the package you wish to download.
  2. Extract the package to your computer.
  3. Upload the main folder to the modules/gateway folder.
  4. It may be necessary to clear your store cache before it shows in the admin control panel of your store. This can be done from the "Rebuild" tab of the "Maintenance" area. Select "Clear cache" the click the submit button.

How do I enable Website Payments Standard in CubeCart?

  1. Install PayPal Standard following the instructions above.
  2. Locate the module configuration page in the admin side of your store.
  3. Enter the following settings:

    Status Enabled
    Priority This is the display order of available payment options on checkout. Enter 1 for PayPal to be top of the list.
    Scope Select "Both Main Website & Mobile"
    Default Yes (This preselects PayPal as the default payment method.)
    Descripton This is the text displayed to the customer for the payment method. We recommend "PayPal (Debit/ Credit Card)"
    PayPal Primary Email Address Enter your primary PayPal email address.
    Mode Select "Live" to take real payments. Sandbox is for testing in a special "Sandbox" environment.
    Email Address Override  This means tell paypal to use the address entered by the customer instead of any address that the customer may have stored in their paypal account.
  4. Click "Save".


  • 1.0.0 - Taken from CubeCart 5.2.13
  • 1.0.1 - Fixed "Cancel and retrun to" link from PayPal in CubeCart version 6
  • 1.0.2 - For for order change to Processing on cleared eCheque.
  • 1.0.3 - Added a tool to check PayPal IPN Endpoint works.
  • 1.0.4 - IPN endpoints updated to and
  • 1.0.5 - Updated BN codes
  • 1.0.6 - Protection to check currency and paid amount is correct before updating status
  • 1.0.7 - Fixed exception error in gateway.class.php file. 
  • 1.0.8 - Bug fix on currency/total verification check.
  • 1.0.9 - Protection added to prevent order status returning to "Processing" if not currently "Pending".
  • 1.0.10 - Removed tool to check PayPal IPN Endpoint.
  • 1.1.0 - Adds German translation thanks to MostlyConfused.

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