Deluxe Related Products

Developer SemperFiWebServices
License Commercial
Compatibility CubeCart v6
Date Added 22nd Jun 2016, 19:23
Last Updated 1st Mar 2020, 01:12
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With this plugin you can display manually set or automatic related products for the products in your store.

Related products get displayed on:
- product pages
- checkout pages

You can separately define how many related products are displayed for each location.
Each location can be enabled/disabled.

Additional settings for each location:
- show buy button
- show info button
- show pricing
- show reviews
- use category grouping
- enable/disable displaying automatic related products
- set automatic related products type (random or like current product name)
- layout (grid or rows)
- set manual related products sorting

This plugin adds a new page in the store admin where you can:
- select a category to select a product from
- select a product to assign related products to
- select a category to select related products from
- assign the related products

They can also be set via the Deluxe Related Products tab when editing a product.

When no related products have been manually assigned to a product, you can optionally set related products to be displayed automatically.
These automatic related products can be set to:
- be random products retrieved from same category as the product currently being viewed
- be products with a similar name from the same category as the current product

If you have assigned an amount of manually assigned related products that is less than the amount for the applicable page, the difference will be covered by automatic products, if automatic products is enabled for that page.

For stores that are configured to hide out of stock products, products that are out of stock do not get displayed as related products.

This plugin is a replacement for both Related Products CC6 Plugin and Related Products With Category Grouping CC6 Plugin.
If you have purchased either of those, please contact me for a free replacement.

Separate skin templates are implemented for the following skins:
- Foundation
- Custom Foundation 5
- Custom Foundation 6
- Foundation Other (based on foundation, for use with other custom foundation skins)
- Other (based on foundation, will need to be altered for use with non foundation skins)

You can see this plugin in action at the new CubeCartServices CubeCart 6 Demo Store.

Auto Install/Upgrade

Click the thunderbolt () icon next to the package you wish to use for instructions.

- Version 6.0.0 Released
- CubeCart 6.2.9 compatibility implemented

Ref: 62/293