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License Commercial
Compatibility CubeCart v6
Date Added 3rd Aug 2016, 18:26
Last Updated 28th Apr 2017, 14:39
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This plugin adds up to 23 different microdata elements to the product landing pages which has multiple benefits

Firstly, microdata gives search engine spiders more context for the type of information on a website and the way the site should be indexed and ranked. An example on the website shows that adding microdata to mark up HTML code on a web page related to the movie "Avatar" tells search engine spiders to rank the page in relation to movie sites, not graphic design sites.

Another benefit of microdata is the creation of "rich snippets," which display more information on the search result pages than traditional listings

Thirdly, it helps Google Shopping retrieve up-to-date information directly from the website and while it isnt currently obligatory it is strongly advised which usually comes a short while before it becomes mandatory. Using microdata with automatic item updates helps support a high-quality experience for users who view your ads.

Having valid microdata enables the following two Google Shopping features :

* Automatic item updates, which reduces the risk of account suspension for price and availability mismatches and prevents temporary item disapproval. 

* Google Sheets Merchant Centre add-on, which uses microdata to help you update many attributes in your feed.


As with all our plugins and skins, this plugin comes with one year of support and access to upgrades included in the price - the renewal of this will be automatically invoiced which is not required for the plugin to continue working but if not renewed then no further support or upgrades will be available. The CubeCart language system is fully used so the plugin is fully multi-lingual.

Free Trial

A seven day FREE trial is available so you can test this using full functionality in your store - even though this is a commercial plugin, you can now download it without paying and the installation will automatically activate the seven day trial and then if you want to purchase, order it from this same page when you will be provided with a licence code to continue using it after the seven day trial.

System Requirements

All Havenswift Hosting plugins require ionCube to be installed on the server - please ensure that you download the correct version of the plugin for the PHP version / version of ionCube installed on your hosting account. The plugin also requires a licence code which will be sent to the email address of the purchaser shortly after the payment has been confirmed.  The licence code allows the plugin to be used on a single domain and includes full support and access to any available upgrades for one year from purchase.

Change Log

1.0 Initial version

1.1 Description added

Auto Install/Upgrade

Click the thunderbolt () icon next to the package you wish to use for instructions.

Ref: 8/315

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