Havenswift Hosting Skin Configuration

Developer Havenswift Hosting
License Free
Compatibility CubeCart v6
Date Added 5th Dec 2016, 18:25
Last Updated 2nd Jun 2021, 11:28
Downloads 1,750


  • Havenswift_Skin_Configuration_1.5_php7.2_and_above.zip


This plugin adds the ability to configure certain settings and display options from within the plugin admin screen rather than having to make changes to a skin's core files.  Two skins are currently supported (Retail Therapy, Nautical) with these all being available from Havenswift Hosting and from the Extensions Marketplace.

Features currently configurable are :


* Slider Configuration - many aspects can be controlled

Mode - Type of transition between slides 

Slide transition duration

Start slider on a random slide 

Include image captions. 

The type of "easing" to use during transitions 

Ability to include video slides 

The amount of time between each slide transition

Auto show starts playing on load

Enable pause when mouse hovers over slide


* Turn on the image magnify functionality

* Choose the number of subcategory images per row (between 0 and 6)

* Advanced Search Manufacturer layout - Choice between grid, table and chosen

* Ability to choose between Search icon or have search box always open

* Ability to hide the store logo

* Integration with Smartlook website visitor recording and heatmap creation system (FREE signup

* Integration with Google Tag Manager

* Integration with Google Opt-in survey


For Retail Therapy skin there are some additional items that can be configured :

 * The display of short descriptions for each Latest Product on the homepage can be enabled.

* It is possible to disable the horizontal menu on the home page 

* It is possible to disable the horizontal menu on everything but the home page

* It is possible to always show the search box as open rather than toggle with the search icon

* It is possible to hide the newsletter signup ability


Free Trial

A seven day FREE trial is available so you can test this using full functionality in your store - even though this is a commercial plugin, you can now download it without paying and the installation will automatically activate the seven day trial and then if you want to purchase, order it from this same page when you will be provided with a licence code to continue using it after the seven day trial.

System Requirements

All Havenswift Hosting plugins require ionCube to be installed on the server - please ensure that you download the correct version of the plugin for the PHP version/version of ionCube installed on your hosting account. The plugin also requires a licence code which will be sent to the email address of the purchaser shortly after the payment has been confirmed.  The licence code allows the plugin to be used on a single domain and includes full support and access to any available upgrades for one year from purchase.

Change Log

1.5 Large number of additional configuration items added including Trustpilot integration allowing the choice of rating display or rating collection button to be located in a number of screen positions; Integration with Subbly subscription platform; added numerous CSS elements that can be easily modified. 

1.4 Configuration option between vertical or horizontal thumbnails on the product page; Integration with Sumo; Domain verification codes for Google, Bing and Pinterest; Ability to position Invisible Google Recaptcha badge; Added ability to modify css elements for various elements within the skin without changing skin files; Ability to add / re-order slideshow images and position in 5 different locations plus lots of other configuration options without adding code to homepage document; Choose between radio buttons or standard dropdown for shipping; Integration with Google Surveys

1.2 Integration with Google Tag Manager; Add option to remove sidebar on all pages except homepage; Add option to remove Mailing list signup; Ability to choose Google Translate and remove standard language selector if enabled ;

1.1 Minor bug fixes plus integration with Smartlook (sign up at https://www.smartlook.com/?_ak=QrCqPqfMKfor your FREE account of this fantastic tool)

1.0 Initial version available through the CubeCart Extension Marketplace

Auto Install/Upgrade

Click the thunderbolt () icon next to the package you wish to use for instructions.

Ref: 8/354