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Developer SemperFiWebServices
License Free
Compatibility CubeCart v6
Date Added 14th Jul 2016, 16:23
Last Updated 4th Oct 2018, 18:47
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A free plugin that runs a series of tests on your hosting environment and displays the results.

Tests include:
- PHP version
- MySQL version
- MySQLi version
- OpenSSL version
- Heartbleed vulnerability check
- Poodle vulnerability check
- Shellshock vulnerability check (CVE-2014-6271)
- Server protocol check
- cURL check
- GD check
- Simple XML Parser check
- Zip check
- Ziparchive check
- System load check
- Memory limit check
- Memory usage check
- Disk usage check
- Spam blacklist check (DNSBL)

When it comes to web hosting, providers generally fall into 1 of 3 categories.

Group 1
These type of hosting companies have their own data center, physical access to the servers and network they maintain and a dedicated 24/7 support staff.
Servers are kept up to date with the latest stable version of software.
In the case of shared hosting, they don't overload the server with too many accounts, therefore avoiding degrading performance.
A proactive approach is taken to keeping your site and data secure.
If you ever have a problem or need something done, they are quick to respond and accommodate your requirements.
Ideally this is the type of web hosting company you want hosting your site.

Group 2
These type of companies are very similar to those mentioned above.
The key difference is they are not as proactive when it comes to keeping server software up to date.
In some cases they might squeeze a few more accounts onto a shared hosting server, which might impact the performance of your site.
Generally they don't provide the same quality level of support as group 1 providers.
By doing your own research, there are many providers out there in this group that are suitable for hosting your site.

Group 3
It is this group that you want to avoid.
Instead of having their own infrastucture, they instead lease a server off a real hosting company.
In the majority of cases, server software is way behind the latest stable version.
Worse then that is you might request it be upgraded only to told it can't be upgraded or wont be for months.
There are even cases where the 'hosting company' doesn't even have root level access to the server, let alone physical access in case of a hardware failure.
Support from these type of providers is very hit and miss.
Sure, if you look hard enough you might find one of these providers that is adequate for hosting your site.
Just keep in mind that at the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

This plugin has been created and made available free of charge to store owners to assist them with determining the basic quality of the web hosting they are being provided.

It is by no means a completely comprehensive test.
Additional tests will be added in future versions as they get requested and implemented.

Some of the information displayed can be found elsewhere.
The PHP Info page in your store admin
Your hosting control panel

This plugin puts this information in one location, in an easy to understand format.

Auto Install/Upgrade

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