Quick Social Media Posts

Developer SemperFiWebServices
License Commercial
Compatibility CubeCart v6
Date Added 2nd Mar 2017, 18:39
Last Updated 24th Mar 2018, 15:16


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  • SFWS_Quick_Social_Media_Posts-CCMP-3.4.0.zip

This plugin has been replaced by the 'Deluxe Social Media Posts CC6 Plugin'.

A plugin that lets you quickly post to various social media sites.

When making a post you can:
- select the social media sites to post to (required)
- type a message (required) (character count displayed)
- select an image (optional) (selected image displayed)
- include a url (optional)

Currently supported platforms:
- Facebook
- Pinterest
- Twitter
- Instagram

API Note
If you are already using my 'Automatic Social Media Posts' plugin, you can use the same API details or create new API details to use for this plugin.
A 'copy API details' link is provided in configuration when applicable.

Important Notes
Twitter is currently still imposing the 140 character limit when posting via the API.
Anytime you change your Facebook password, you will need to recreate your permanent access token.
To post to Instagram successfully, you must use an image that is a perfect square.

You can see it in action at the following social media sites:
- Facebook (SemperFiWebServices)
- Pinterest (semperfiws)
- Twitter (semperfiws)
- Instagram (semperfiwebservices)

Auto Install/Upgrade

Click the thunderbolt () icon next to the package you wish to use for instructions.

Ref: 62/370