Nautical Skin

Developer Havenswift Hosting
License Commercial
Compatibility CubeCart v6
Date Added 1st Sep 2015, 15:27
Last Updated 24th Aug 2017, 10:48



Nautical is a fully responsive CubeCart skin based on Foundation and is extremely versatile and very simple to tailor to your own requirements without even having to change any skin template files !

It is a commercial skin and the initial purchase price includes one year's worth of support and upgrades (renewable at €18.75 plus VAT if applicable after the first year) which will include all bug fixes and enhancements added to the standard Foundation skin as well as improvements and extra functionality that we add.

This skin comes fully integrated with the plugins listed below (these still need to be purchased separately) and simply installing and enabling these plugins is enough as all changes to skin template files have already been done.

A demo version of the skin can be seen on our demo site (cubecart-demo dot co dot uk and change skin) which also includes the integration with all of the following plugins

* SemperFi Vertical Navigation Menu Plugin - If enabled then the top bar menu is removed and the side bar menu activated

* Havenswift Hosting Multiple Homepage Documents plugin - This plugin allows store owners to have multiple additional site documents displayed on the homepage in addition to the normal designated homepage document. They can be positioned anywhere within the main homepage content area, ie above the main homepage document or below the latest products as is shown with two documents below.

* Havenswift Hosting Group Site Documents - This plugin allows you to designate any one of four different positions to display the document link on the homepage - this can be in a top bar menu, in the footer, in a left side bar or a right side bar allowing for much greater flexibility to display these documents where you want to. This is fully integrated with the Vertical Navigation menu plugin if enabled allowing the top bar area to be used for selected site documents.

* Havenswift Hosting Enhanced Manufacturer Plugin - This greatly enhances the functionality surrounding the concept of manufacturers in CubeCart by displaying manufacturers either in a drop down box or in a list box or even as both with complete choice over which manufacturers are displayed in each type of box. Each manufacturer has their own page, which can be edited to show the manufacturer details and displays all products assigned to that manufacturer

* Havenswift Hosting Product Image Rollover Plugin - This plugin allows a second image to be associated with each product that is displayed whenever the mouse hovers over the main product image - this is very useful to show two different views of the item for example with clothing where a front and a back view can be shown. It also adds functionality to upload multiple images at the same time against a product, designate which is the main and rollover image and then also set the display order of all additional images

* Havenswift Hosting Product Option Images Plugin - This plugin allows different images to be assigned to product options and when viewing the product page, if a different option such as colour is chosen, the main product image is changed to the one assigned to that option.

Auto Install/Upgrade

Click the thunderbolt () icon next to the package you wish to use for instructions.

Ref: 8/225