Developer CubeCart
License Free
Compatibility CubeCart v6 CubeCart v5
Date Added 15th Aug 2019, 09:21
Last Updated 16th Aug 2019, 12:58


Payzone -


This extension will allow you to integrate the Payzone payment gateway into your CubeCart website as an option for processing your payments. This extension pack is for CubeCart 5.x & CubeCart 6.x. 


  1. Go to Extensions -> Manage Extensions.

  2. Locate ‘Payzone’ and click ‘Edit’.

  3. Fill out all the information in this Payzone.

    1. Status - tick to enable Payzone as a payment gateway.

    2. Priority - enter the sort order for this payment method.

    3. Scope - select the required scope from the dropdown.

    4. Default - tick to enable Payzone as a payment gateway as the default payment gateway.

    5. Description - Enter the name as you want customers to see in the payments list.

    6. Merchant ID - Enter the Merchant ID (please ensure you use test details first and once verified use the live details).

    7. Gateway password - Enter the Merchant Password (please ensure you use test details first and once verified use the live details).

    8. Pre-Shared Key - enter the PreSharedKey available from the Merchant Management System.

    9. Transaction Type - Select Authorise and Collect, or Preauthorise only as required.

    10. Hash Method - select the Hash Method that is selected in the Merchant Management System.

    11. Secret Key - enter a Secret Key, this key is used to encrypt and protect the information.

  4. Click ‘Save’ and the changes will be saved and the ‘Payzone Payment Gateway’ available from your cart.


To test the integration, first follow the installation setups above then visit your cart:

  1. Go to Extensions -> Payments.

  2. Locate ‘PayZone Payment Gateway’ and click ‘Edit’.

  3. Ensure that the Merchant ID and Merchant Password are for the test account.

  4. Visit the store on your shop and process test transactions using the card details document available in the Merchant Management System - ensuring that the response is the expected response from the card details pack. 

Auto Install/Upgrade

Click the thunderbolt () icon next to the package you wish to use for instructions.

Ref: 1/449