Success Stories

Russell Hurst -

For many years my father and I had been running a small independent wholesale business but were finding that with the rise of the big multiples our trade was changing. We decided to start a website to sell our ropes (a niche market) and the web designer we began with recommended CubeCart V4. In 2007 the site was up & running and within a couple of years was building up nicely. By 2016 our sales were double that of our wholesale arm and I am certain that we would be struggling financially were it not for our CubeCart site. We moved hosting company a few times and are now with Havenswift Hosting (very happy with Ian) and recently upgraded up to V6.

I find the admin side of running my site really straight forward and the ever increasing range of easily installed CubeCart extensions helps to keep my site moving forward.

I use a couple of SEO companies to help me with the Google minefield and they have tried to get me to move to another ecommerce package but I will have nothing of it – I am really very happy with CubeCart!

So if you are looking to introduce an ecommerce arm to your existing business or are starting a new venture I would thoroughly recommend using CubeCart – it has and still is serving me so very well.

Rosemary -

CubeCart has made a tremendous difference in the professional look and ease of use of our store. I originally created my own web pages using the old Microsoft FrontPage, coding all the stock changes and such by hand. It looked clunky, and it WAS clunky! Customers had to email us to place an order. It was nearly impossible to keep the stock updated manually correctly, as I had to edit the code for each page to make changes with every sale or re-stock.

In 2010 a geek friend of mine recommended that we use CubeCart, and we've been very happy with it ever since. Stock control is a breeze now, the customer experience is very intuitive, and the whole website is responsive and cohesive.

The Open Source code is fairly easy to tweak. When I can’t figure out how to do something, there is a great forum community of users who are always willing to offer suggestions and help with the code. And the CubeCart staff is available for paid help if needed. There are plenty of plugins available that provide all kinds of bells and whistles. I use quite a few for improved marketing and to provide that polished look to our store. Cosmetic changes to the stock Foundation skin are easy, and there are other skins that can be used – some free and some paid.

Thanks to CubeCart, our little hobby business has become a profitable online business we are very proud of. We invite you to take a look around our Dirty Butter Plush Animal Shoppe. If you know someone who would love to replace a favorite childhood toy, or maybe who needs a backup or replacement for a lost child’s toy – we may have it in stock. And if we don’t have it, we’ll try to help you find it!

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