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"As a Website Developer I have tried many ecommerce systems but none gives the flexibility and confidence that CubeCart offers."Matthew Chambers
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  • Open Source

    CubeCart is 100% free and completely customisable.
  • Extend

    A plethora of extensions are available from payment gateways to shipping calculators.
  • Technical Support

    Professional technical support is available directly from our developers.


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Self manage on 3rd party Linux web hosting.
License: GPL 3.0 • GitHub: cubecart/v6

Download 6.4.7

What is CubeCart?

Whether you are a retailer looking for an online store or a webmaster seeking an ecommerce solution for a client… CubeCart is a powerful free ecommerce solution enabling thousands of merchants globally to sell digital or physical products online.

Latest News

CubeCart 6.4.6 Released (PHP 8 Support)

CubeCart version 6.4.6 is now available. This is a maintenance release with full PHP 8 and 8.1 support. This release is backward compatible to earlier PHP versions so your hosting environment doesn't need PHP 8 or above to run it.

What's New?
- PHP 8 Support
- Miscellaneous bug fixes


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Short Survey: CubeCart with stock synchronised point of sale system

We are currently evaluating our merchants appetite for an omnichannel solution so that your CubeCart powered store can sync in real time with a point of sale system and vice versa. 

Please take a moment to complete the short survey at the URL below.

Survey URL: 

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CubeCart 6.4.5 Released

This is a maintenance release with a few minor new features. Upgrade is recommended but not essential.

What's new?
- 8 new features including removal of 350Kb image upload limit.
- miscellaneous bug fixes and optimisations.


Other news
Our PayPal Commerce integration now supports Venmo! To take advantage of this please make sure your PayPal Commerce extension is at 1.6.0 or higher.


1Focus Vision, Commissioned by PayPay, October 2020. The Venmo Behaviour Study explores valuable insights for merchants to consider to reach a broader audience including 2,217 Venmo customers' financial habits, purchasing behaviours and perceptions of Venmo as a payment tool. 
2Statista Global Consumer Surveys as on July 2020. The target population are internet users in U.S. between 18 and 64 years of age.

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Pay Later from PayPal is here

Permalink | 6th December 2021 13:42

CubeCart 6.5.0 Beta 3 Released

We are pleased to release the 3rd beta of Cubecart version 6.5. This release further improves on the Elasticsearch integration with better and more accurate search results. Search as you type has been much improved as well as the addition of filters and stemming e.g. Matching fishing to fish.

After upgrade please reindex Elasticsearch from the Maintenance section of your store admin control panel. For further information about CubeCart 6.5 please refer to the previous two announcements.


Permalink | 5th November 2021 09:39

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