Below are some testimonials that have been sent to us by CubeCart merchants. If you would like to contribute please contact us.

"The best e-commerce software I could ever use, it's safe and very easy to use. Thanks !!"Emmanuel Jaquez
"Someone recommended CubeCart for my business, it's truly an excellent piece of software, easy to use and customisable to your own colours etc."Maria Marlow
"CubeCart is brill, has much better options than others and easier to operate. I dunno where I'd be without it."yvonne
"What I can say is, this is a wonderful shopping cart software, easy to customize and easy to use."Chris
"Installing CubeCart couldn't have been easier. Adding products and customizing the store was also a breeze. Using CubeCart enabled me to focus more on developing content for other parts of my site, rather than developing my online store."Scott
"Very simple and pro Shoping Cart. Thanks!"Luu Tien Thanh
"Great cart and the customer service is excellent. Thank you CubeCart."orlando mendoza
"What more can I add? Easy to install and use, simple (yet powerful) templating, great add-on modules and best of all, light and fast! CubeCart is a webmaster's dream..."Al
"The tool to boost the selling for my website ... tested many, and this one was the best choise for me!"Mehdi Gahbiche
"CubeCart is amazingly simple and was just all around PERFECT for what I was looking for. I couldn't have asked for more."Kara
"The development team stands fully behind the product. This is the easiest cart to setup and start making sales for a beginner, yet flexible enough to present a professional image for your store."Matt
"One of the best and easiest shopping carts to use ever. I have tried a couple for my business but this is by far the best. Support is second to none."Ernie
"With your shopping cart, I have gained clients on an unprecedented scale. CubeCart is perfect for business people that want a robust shopping cart on their site that is easy to use and full of features. Thank you!"Bell Web Services
"I have tried a lot of eCommerce Systems but this is the only system I have tried that makes my life so easy as an online merchant."Glenn
"Wow! I never known that is so easy & simple to open online store."Zain Aljoofre
"Wanted to thank you for a great e-commerce program. I have been recommending it to all of my design clients for ease of use, easy customization, an easy shopping experience for customers and for your excellent response to support questions. I will continue to recommend it to ALL of my design clients who are looking for a premier e-commerce solution. You've got my vote!!!"Maureen McCullough
"CubeCart is always my first choice of platform when providing eCommerce solutions to my clients. Time and time again it has proven to be able to deliver the right balance of functionality, ease of use and cost!"Jonathan Frascella
"CubeCart allowed me to take the designs and concepts in my head, and wrap them around a solid system. For those looking for customization and ease of use, CubeCart is for you."Tim Myers
"CubeCart is such a pleasure to design with. All the functionality you need with out the high price really made my customer happy."Bobbysky
"We had tried several other systems then we found CubeCart and this has changed the website into a fully function ecommerce solution from a frustrating mess that did not work! Thanks CubeCart."Yellum Online Video
"An excellent shopping cart solution that is simple and powerful."Pete
"I am using CubeCart for last 6 years from our gift site and it a great cart software. Easy to modify as required..."Syed Rahman
"After strugling with a cumbersome free Open Source Cart, I found CubeCart better streamlined, easier to modify and customise."Ty Fairclough
"Very simple to set up, fantastic suppot! Put my shop together in a evening and you can purchase straight away. Brilliant!!"Julian Moore
"I like computers! CubeCard awesome. CubeCard lift sorrow much!"James Roberts
"Highly recommended after having tested several solutions."Fabien
"CubeCart is THE BEST PHP store/shopping cart program I have ever used! It is EXTREMELY easy to install, and even EASIER to setup and manage your store!"Scott
"Awsome website software, great features, easy to use and understand and great look to the store, Thumbs up!"darul ishaat
"Fantastic shopping cart, I tried the rest and all of them don't match up to CubeCart. Keep it up."Vincent Valentine
"After several frustrating attempts, I found CubeCart to be the best quality-to-effort ratio shop software I could get my hands on and perfectly fit to be maintained by plain, simple, non-technical people."Antonio J. de Olivei
"Suberb software! Easy installation and very good software for beginners and experts!"Hugo
"We've been with CubeCart since version 2 and love how easy it is to setup/upgrade and use. Our customers agree that our webshop is professional looking and as a result we have seen sales increase over the years."Asha
"As a Website Developer I have tried many ecommerce systems but none gives the flexibility and confidence that CubeCart offers."Matthew Chambers
"A colleague suggested I try CubeCart. That was definitely the best suggestion I've been given, as my client loves the Store! Thanks to CubeCart, I can now include E-commerce solutions to my Services."Peter Walker
"SIMPLY THE BEST!! After slogging over other cart software CubeCart is like a breath of fresh air. It's the ONLY solution we offer for ecommerce now."Samit
"The main upper hand of CubeCart is the massive level of functionalities. CubeCart is very handy than other e-commerce solutions."WMA
"CubeCart is everything you want from a shopping cart solution, easy to setup and change the design to suit your store, great support and great community."Mark
"WOW! CubeCart is amazing! I've looked high and low for a good e-commerce solution. I've looked at all the high priced stuff and most of those don't even hold a candle to this."Chris
"Just wanted to say a BIG thanks to all the guys at CubeCart for this FANTASTIC peice of software! Great job guys - couldn't ask for anything more!"Aaron Alam
"Fantastic Software! I looked at numerous options for setting up my first shopping cart and CubeCart stood out for it's value and functionality. Modifying the look and feel was easy and it Just Works. Excellent, I love it and will definitely recommend it to any clients who want a shopping cart."Emma
"Fantastic!!! I uploaded this on my site within 2 hours. Brillant all the way! Well done CubeCart!!"Oliver Stanton
"I left CubeCart to try the other solutions out there and learned that CubeCart is by far the best and most flexible ecommerce solution on the market. Great work CC!!!"Shane Bell
"I really love how easy CubeCart is to manage. I've used many shopping carts over the years - but this is by far the easiest!"Sarah
"I just wanted to say that I have searched around to find the best PHP based Store Front and I am happy to say this is what I found. The list of features that you have meticulously implemented is outstanding. I look forward to rolling this out for my client and hopefully others."Steve
"After working with other ecommerce solutions, I must say CubeCart has proven to be the easiest and most reliable solution."Atif
"I've been using CubeCart for a few months now and it works great. Easy to set up and customize. Thankyou!"Carl Shepherd
"Hi this is my second time I am using CubeCart for my online store. I love it's cart features. It is very useful for small store owners."Satish Pawaskar
"I've been a programmer for several years and have written my own shopping cart solutions in the past for specific applications. It's so nice to now have a single solution that is so scaleable and easy to work with and that includes so many features. Thank you!"Jake Carter
"A simple to use and totally customisable product. I have tried many other ecommerce products and found CubeCart so easy to use! Excellent work!"Peter Ashford
"Amazing shopping cart, very easy to customize and an excellent community with tons of support."Scott Laws
"Simply the best. I have installed them all and used them all. CubeCart is it."Investr
"After working with other shopping cart solutions for many years, CubeCart has to be, in my personal opinion, one of, if not THE best e-commerce solution I have ever used! CubeCart makes life that much easier and retains the hairs on my head! It has been by far the easiest to setup and use and with many 3rd party mods available for those custom tweaks, it fits the bill for me. Thank-you Guys."Dale
"Fantastic, Brilliant, Superb, what else can I say, site was up in one evening!"Julian Moore
"CubeCart is by far the best ecommerce solution I have seen. It's very easy to install and even easier to maintain. Our Company recommends it strongly, and more we offer this solution in all most all of our hosting packs."Razvan Duicu
"I've started using CubeCart recently and am very impressed by the whole set up and it's so easy to use. Thanks alot CubeCart!"James Boyle
"Simply the best. No other Shopping Cart system written in any scripting language can beat CubeCart. Believe me try it and you will love to have it."Vinayak
"We couldn't settle on an Ecommerce package that we ALL agreed upon, until CubeCart came along. AT once, we all agreed that we'd found "it". So simple, yet so sophisticated, so feature filled yet easy for clients to navigate... I can't fail it, point-per-point, with ANY Ecommerce system we trialled."Mike Barlow
"Thank you! Just what we have been searching for. A professional image that really shows our toys off, and easy to use too!"Adam McCollough
"Wow! I never thought I could set up a fully functional and interactive store like this with my own products and touches, and the whole process be so easy! Your support forums are excellent whenever I need help or want to make some more difficult changes. I love this shopping cart system! I highly recommend it!"Melanie West
"Having been using CubeCart for about a year now to promote my mountain bike parts business online now and can say that since swapping over to CubeCart I have found my website lift in the rankings for many search terms generating new income without expenditure and generating great new business. Easy to use and easy to work. Thanks and keep up the good work the product is fantastic."Paul Bruckner
"CubeCart is a very good & user friendly shopping cart."Satish pawaskar
"Been playing around with CubeCart for 2 years now and have been moving friends over one at a time ever since. Thank You!"ken
"Before using CubeCart we tried alternative shopping cart solutions and we can honestly say CubeCart has been a joy to work with. Ease of use flexibility is A*"Abs Kochhar
"CubeCart is so easy to skin. Using mostly HTML and CSS with a little PHP customisation of the cart is a breeze. Excellent support at both forums allows totally customisable functionality aswell. love it."Michael
"After getting bogged down with so many other programs I found it quite simple to get new store up and running using CubeCart - not to mention how robust it is "out of the box!" Want or need to add functions? Very easy to do. So far used CubeCart for 2 shops and already planning on more - thank you thank you thank you!"Yaron Modzelevich
"Everyone that has seen the site has been impressed. CubeCart is easy to customize and the modules are easy to understand."Ben Gunn
"I have been using cubecart for quite a while now let's say from mid to late 2010. Back then you had to pay for it and was quite a bold move by Al to open source the software and essentially give it away for free. From the start, it has been nothing but rock solid and would not hesitate to suggest cubecart to others. With the large plethora of plugins available, you can make cubecart what you want. Thank you, Al for creating this wonderful piece of web software."Carsten Wolland
"I've been using the shopping cart since 2005. I would recommend this to anyone who owns an online store or wants one."Melanie
"CubeCart is fantastic, as a novice store owner I find the admin panel very easy to use and have had 100% reliability, I would definately reccomend to others!! Thank you CubeCart"Zoe Astbury
"I purchased the installation service. Wow - this was accomplished in record breaking time and the support and asistance was superb. Thanks CubeCart - no wonder you are so popular!"Kent Learning Resour
"CubeCart is an excellent ecommerce software with many features, very easy to use and to modify."MARCRACING
"This is a great easy to use product, have tried multiple carts this one works the best for me."Parts North West
"I have been using CubeCart for about 2 months now and have had a briliant experience with it. The orders are now starting to flow and the website is looking better all the time. Many thanks to you all! x"Jane Tran
"This is the one of the best cart in the web. Easy to use and lots of features."Mrinal Benjwal
"We would just like to say thank you to CubeCart for making it possible for small family owned businesses to be able to have a online store that gives us full control of our online sales and making it easy to make sure our customers are happy. CubeCart REALLY levels the playing field making it easy to compete against the "big boys". CubeCart Rocks!"Kevork Orchanian
"Great, simple shopping cart with a professional look and feel. Really easy to customise! Thanks so much for making the launch of our new business so stress free!"Sara
"Superb! Simple to install and configure. Did the build then handed it over to client who has added products and categories without a single need for help."Coast Multimedia
"I've very happy with the stability and flexibility of the software. Thanks for the great product."Clint Eagar
"My only regret is not discovering CubeCart sooner."Dean
"This has been my second CubeCart project this year and I have to say that I am totally sold. I have no hesitation to recommend CubeCart to anyone who wants to quickly get a professional looking online sales platform. Thanks!"Steve Nesnas
"I've tried several programs but this is by far the BEST so far."Civoc
"This is the best cart by far. I tried a few others and NOTHING compares!"Eli
"Great ecommerce software, easy to use and to customize. The support is very useful and will certainly be using this software again."Thurrock Play Networ
"CubeCart is a great little software package! It is simple to use, easily understandable and has all the options I need. There is also a great community of support, regular updates, security audited releases and numerous add-ons available. Thanks CubeCart!"Michelle
"I designed a site with CubeCart and had to educate the customer on how to add products, categories, etc... The customer got it quickly and said it was easy. All in one hour of a tutorial. I don't think I could have done that so quickly with some of the other software."Joel
"I love it!! I put up my first e-commerce site, took about 1.5 months, but I made major skin and design modifications. The great thing about CC is that it is very easy to customize and understand, and the help is #1. Great stuff, keep it up."Steve Roumeliotis
"CubeCart is by far the easiest to install and configure, and with top quality mods it can do whatever you want."Les Howlett
"It's so refreshing to have a shopping cart system that's this easy to customise. Good work!"Rob
"CubeCart is simply amazing. It changed our business. Thanks everyone!"Leo Clark
"We recently implemented CubeCart. Wow, what an upgrade! Our advertising conversion rate went from 1.80% to 4.00%. Great product, great support. Thank you."Clinton C. Eagar
"Finally -- An ecommerce package that looks like a Corvette and works like a dream."Danny Stone
"CubeCart has proven to be the easiest eCommerce system we have used. Set up is fast, the support is great and responses are quick."frjshop
"This is Fantastic! An E-commerce package that really works and that's simple to use, just want we needed and wanted! Thats for all the hard work."John Moulton
"CubeCart is absolutely brilliant! If you are looking for a shopping cart then look no further than CubeCart!"Dave Hills
"A great script. Sums up everything that should be in an E-Commerce script, with intuitive modules and clever product addition, CubeCart was what I wanted and more. Great job!"Tom Hallam
"The fact that CubeCart is written in PHP and uses a template system makes it so easy customize. As a convert from Miva Merchant, CubeCart offers better customization!"Henry Ho
"We recomend all our customers to use CubeCart if they need a professional e-business solution that is powerful and easy to use."IGR Media
"I've tried other shopping carts in the past, but CubeCart is by far the easiest to install and use. I highly recommend CubeCart to anyone who wants an easy to use and manage shopping cart!"Louie Foxx
"Great Job. CubeCart did it really great. Keep up the best work."Lake Gan
"Having just opened my first online shop selling crystals etc was amazed at the simplicity at how I can customise my shop and fill it up full of goods. Nice simple learning curve and amazingly fool proof program. Easy as pie for a complete novice like myself. Wicked!!"The Crystal Sourcere
"Thanks for such a great piece of software, we have built over 20 online stores with it and with its ease of adaptability we are able to configure the store exactly to our customers requirements."Paul Webb
"Excellent from beginning to end. Will not hesitate in using CubeCart again."Tejas
"An excellent shopping cart comes with great functionality and can be easily extended by the large number of free and cheap mods avalable. Great customer support both from the company and via the forums. What more can I say!"Ian
"I have used Cubecart for so many years and you are the best shop for , honestly I tested all. But yours is easy but very complete."Dr Heinz
"I have been playing around with other possible open source ecommerce solutions but based on what I have seen and played with so far, I think this is by far the best solution I have found with a lot of options and possibilities."ncreter
"CubeCart is blooming amazing! We had it up and running within days! I recommend anyone starting in e-Commerce to go with CubCart!"C Martin-Hockey
"Easiest and most intuitive product I have yet found."Don Drks
"CubeCart has turned out to be more robust than I thought in terms of launching a large product set. It has really easy to use admin features for tweaking product descriptions on the fly."Michael
"Amazing shopping cart, very easy to use! Has saved us hours and cash!!! Thanks so much"Hobby Art Stamps
"CubeCart has provided us with a very flexible system that we both use ourselves and include in customer systems. We see its continuing development and support as very encouraging for our long term projects."Brent Stevens
"No other shopping cart package could handle the complexity and needs of my site. I am amazed at the freedom and choices using CubeCart allowed me to create things exactly how I wanted and needed. I would consider no other for my website needs in the future and would reccommend to all. 10/10!!"Debby
"The best cart around, after having problem with an off the shelf package we migrated to CubeCart and have never looked back."Dan Collins
"First store made with CC was easy to use and very feature packed compared to many others that were consider. Will definately being using this as my main choice with all my future clients who need ecommerce solutions."Tammie
"CubeCart is the best e-commerce solution hands-down! It is very flexible, well designed, and the support is fantastic."Phil
"Oh my!! CubeCart has outdone EVERYBODY! Very simple for a non-techie to put a site together, yet all the flexibility I, as a developer, need to use the cart engine and create a completely custom design. Awesome!"Buddy Logan
"CubeCart is amazing. I am only 16 and I know how to use CubeCart without even getting things wrong but when I do get something wrong I use their customer support team who are very helpful at all time."Sahid Chunara
"Great shopping cart with great functions. Easily for beginners and excellent options for experts!"Hugo de Groot
"The CubeCart System has been a key asset to my company services. Thanks!"Pixel Design - www.p
"As a comlpete newbie to CubeCart I was amazied by this product. Installed perfectly "out of the box" and restored my sanity after struggles with several other cart programs. Keep up the great work!"Vin M
"We were very impressed with the ease of deployment and customisation of CubeCart. With your support our site was operational in record time. Thanks for such an excellent product!"Sammy Nesnas
"Fantastic piece of software with an easy learning curve, great support team and a template system which is extremely easy to customise to one's needs."Panagiotis Galatis
"After trying various ASP and PHP based carts, I am pleased to recommend CubeCart as the easiest to setup, yet with many good feature. Keep up the good work!"Jason Clark
"I am a total website novice but CubeCart is very simple to use, easy to navigate around. I am very pleased. Thank you so much!"Gemma
"I must have tried all the PHP carts but I keep going back to CubeCart! Really easy to use, great potential for growth and a fantastic online community."Ju
"I have used several other shopping cart systems and this is by far the easiest cart to set up and run, I am extremely happy the cart and the support is amazing. Thanks CubeCart."Paul DiGiaimo
"I've tried several e-commerce softwares but all of them are very hard to use except for CubeCart. Easy to use, very user friendly, and easy to customize. I would really love to recommend CubeCart to everyone. CubeCart is an excellent piece of software!"alfren
"I have been able to completely customize the look of the site to appear exactly as I designed it. I'm a CubeCart customer for life!"Cory Watilo
"CubeCart is an incredible bit of software. I am exclusively using CubeCart on any and all e-commerce projects that come my way."Steve Roberts
"CubeCart is the best shopping cart system ANYWHERE. If you want to sell online, do it safely, do it securely and with more enjoyment.. Get CubeCart!"Kinetic
"Ever since migrating our online store to CubeCart we have seen a 200% increase in sales based on our previous year. I have no doubt that this was down to the inherent SEO that CubeCart use. I would recommend them without hesitation."Martin Ball
"CubeCart is essential for ecommerce business. Easy to configure. Easy to modify and brand. Easy for customers which is vital."Mark Foster
"I am happy to use CubeCart as it is a simple, fast and feature packed shopping cart. Thanks for making such wonderful cart. I will be using it and suggest others to use this cart without thinking twice."Rajesh
"CubeCart is definitely the best solution for my online pet supplement store. I tried several paid solutions and none come close CubeCart in ease of installation, use, upgradeablility, community support and available add ons. GREAT JOB."Ray Roman
"This cart is the most incredible program out there. Not only does it give you the endless possibilities, you also have a very constructive forum. Great job guys."Pino
"Easy to skin, simple to install, can handle thousands of products. CubeCart does it all, it has to be the best shopping cart available. I should now as I have tried every one going."David Sharples
"We were so grateful that CubeCart was able to lend us a helping hand when we created our very first eCommerce website for the largest student business competition in the country. The software proved to be very easy to use even for novice students like us who had no experience creating a website. With the help of CubeCart, we placed second in the FBLA state competition and was a finalist in the FBLA national competition."Jonathan Knippschild
"It is so easy to use that almost anyone can set up their own eCommerce Website. Highly recommended - I wouldn't use another system."Keri-Anne Davies
"CubeCart is a powerful script, with super flexability. It has allowed me to set up my own CubeCart business offering professional designs integrated with CubeCart."Michael
"The best e-commerce shopping cart i have ever used! I have made more sales then ever before because of CubeCart!!!"Ryan
"Easiest and best cart system around. Believe me I have wasted so much time with other carts. The thinking that has gone into the way this cart works is a real credit to the people who have developed it. The support staff are brilliant. Thank you all."Irwin
"A fantastic shopping cart which is easy to install, with a committed group of forum members eager to answer any CubeCart question. We had implemented many mods to taylor our british traditional toy shop to suit our needs. It would take a lot of convincing for me to change from CubeCart now. Well done and thank you!"Adam McCollough
"Since using CubeCart my site has seen a big increase in vistors and sales. I owe it all to CubeCart."Dylan
"I've tried them all and CubeCart is the best. It's easy to customize and the help in the forums is great. GET IT NOW YOU WONT REGRET IT!"Synister
"Great product, great support. I couldn't of got set up online so easily without CubeCart. Hopefully my 4th site is on its way soon. Highly recommended!"Amanda Donnison
"Very happy with our CubeCart sites, it's easy to maintain and works well. Thanks."Jonathon
"I have tried a lot of shopping cart programs in the past but CubeCart is by far the easiest and most user friendly software that I have come across. I was able to built my entire website with 24 hours and we were fully operational and ready to start taking orders. 5 stars. I highly recommend."R. Rodriguez
"We've found CubeCart to be the perfect base for our store. Easy to customise, and create integration with HSBC payments."Jason
"Many our web hosting clients decided to use CubeCart and they are very satisfied."Petr
"Having tried a number of differen carts with varying degrees of access, I was pleased to discover CubeCart. This has been the perfect solution for many of my clients who required easy to administer solutions for their e-commerce businesses. They are highly satisfied with this product and it's ease of use."Claire Kay
"It was trial and error but I finally mastered CubeCart. (It was so easy.) I love it and will always recommended CubeCart to everyone I come across."Eirini
"Would reccomend CubeCart to anyone. I've tried others and this is by far the best. We've been able to create an interesting and dynamic e-commerce website with CubeCart. A really easy to use package and very easy to modify with little knowledge about html and css. Thanks CubeCart"Rosco
"This is by far the best Shopping Cart ever!! Way to go guys.."William Haggans
"CubeCart is fantastic, as a novice store owner I find the admin panel very easy to use and have had 100% reliability, I would definately reccomend to others!! Thank you CubeCart!!"Christina
"Brilliant Shopping Cart Software, A+ Easy to modify, Easy to use, Easy to Sell!"BodyBarz
"Not only is CubeCart the best software for what we need, the support service that they provide is excellent. Well recommended and much easier to use than the free alternatives."Rob HIlken
"I came from another eCommerce solution but CubeCart is simply the BEST! Many thanks to core team!"Diogo Almeida
"Just would like to say that I had a problem with installing CubeCart and the support team was excelent. They have fixed the problem within minutes. Thank you so so much GREAT JOB."Andrew Pickard
"This is the best shopping cart I have used. It calculates shipment methods perfectly for my DVD box sets. MANY THANKS CUBECART!"Simone
"Finally a shopping cart solution that combines awesome features with ease of use. CubeCart is a beautiful thing!"Wayne
"CubeCart is SO good! I've been using other cart scripts for the past 5 years! Never made a dime... with CubeCart, I expect to make millions!"Daniel Adams II
"Since pushing our Sparklan 54G Wireless products using CubeCart orders have increased at a steady rate. Great Product.. would use again and again."Mark Whalley
"Excellent cart, easy to set up, customize and navigate. Simplicity personified with lots of features to aid you in your e-commerce."The Bijou Dragon
"CubeCart has everything we need to run our online store, thanks!!"Crawly Babies
"Fantastic. This software has improved our bookstore 150%.  We are almost ready to go live after 1 day (10 hours) of setup. This software is great."Bernie and Genie
"Great bang for your buck, has all the features a much more expensive product would have. Plus it's fully customizable. A+++"Bobbysky
"It's great and easy even my girlfriend learned in under 5 mins to add new products!! Keep up the good Work."Vincent
"This would have to be THE simplest shopping cart software I have encountered. I was using a competitors cart until I stumbled across CubeCart. Now I'm a convert and not looking back!!"Derren Parsons
"CubeCart has become a brilliant assett to our business. The layout is spot on and modifying the templates is a breeze, compared to other out of the box solutions I have used. I have had great service through tech support. This is the e-commerce software I will be using for all my sites from now on."Miles Kitchen
"CubeCart is still the best Ecommerce solution because of its simplicity yet powerfull enough for any large store."Phil
"I found this online store platform easy to use , update and setup. I would recommend to others. Luxurybedsets.com"Zafer Aktas
"Very impressed! I am glad I choose CubeCart. Great software, easy to customize and use. Great Customer service! CubeCart staff are very quick and helpful. Thank you."Elena Nincevic
"I currently have three shops using CubeCart and I can fully recommend it! The support staff are amazing in their speed of response and product knowledge. If you're serious about ecommerce for your company use CubeCart."Bob White
"Choosing CubeCart from the hundreds of choices out there was the best decision I have made in a long time. The software is great! It's so easy to get going. And their support is ABSOLUTELY OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!"Josh Decker
"Once again CubeCart has proven it's value."Webspace Design
"We are 'killing' the search engine results for our Aquatics Store Online, there cannot be a simpler, more effective shopping cart out there..."Goldie Edwards
"Excellent service and support - Makes us confident in the durability of our webstore."Chrissline Lighting
"Ever since I migrate my e-commerce to CubeCart everything seems a lot easier. Great job CubeCart!"Mochamad Yusuf
"Wish I found Cube-cart earlier. I've tried other so-called 'out of the box no skills required solutions' and probably wasted a whole year trying to fathom out how how to use the packages. 10 of out 10 to CubeCart. I would highly reccomend it to anyone from a novice to an expert."Kamlesh
"I've been searching high and low for a shopping cart that could integrate several features for my business and I couldn't find it anywhere else other than CubeCart. I wanna say thanks to the developers for making my business a success!"Hyder Ali
"I love this store! I have modded the skin to fit my site perfectly with no problem. My Girl is adding products with no problem. We bought 2 other store scripts before finding CubeCart. This is the one I wish we had found first! Thank you all for your work. I recommend CubeCart to all of my friends who are thinking of building an online store!"Rick
"Well, I used CubeCart to produce a website for a client of mine. I found it excellent, easy to add in the design he wanted."Anthony Shapley
"CubeCart saved me on long hours of setting up an online store!! What an excellent utility. Nairobi, Kenya."Minal
"Having tried many many free and commercial carts in PHP, ASP and ASP.NET I finally discovered CubeCart. It has to be the best one I've ever used. Easy to administer and easy to modify."Keith MacCutchan
"I am an amature web designer. I found CubeCart is easy to use with compehensive tools and functions."Phongsri Moore
"I am a complete CubeCart convert for ecommerce and this is down the fantastic support the CubeCart team provides!"Tracy Edwards
"The easiest and simplest ecommerce system available, although has the features of any other system. Well worth it!"Brian
"CubeCart is the perfect choice. I have been totally sold after trying all of the others. Cube stands alone with the easiest and most effecive way to sell online."Chad
"We find it easy to use, efficient and easy to customise. We cannot recommend this cart highly enough for your ecommerce venture."Simon Marlow
"Very cool, very easy.. I love it!"Willow
"Not even a year ago I started teaching myself web design and coding, in that time many amazing tools have been stumbled upon, the main one being CubeCart. Every time a new project comes up I am always looking at using CubeCart. Thanks Al and the team. I eagerly await any future incarnations of the best Ecommerce program around."Robert Layt
"As a complete novice to online stores this is easily the best so far!!!"Ivan
"I have used several other carts before switching to CubeCart. It is by FAR the BEST one. CubeCart is intuitive to use and the support is outstanding. If you need a flexible and powerful eCommerce application CubeCart can handle it. Keep up the OUTSTANDING Work!"Brian Kloby
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