Hosting Requirements

CubeCart is an ecommerce software that requires a web hosting account.

Option 1: Host it with us

Get the very best CubeCart web hosting with official technical support at Just enter your email address and your store will be ready for you instantly!

Option 2: Use a generic hosting account

CubeCart works with most web hosting accounts meeting the requirements below. This option requires technical experience, you won't get official technical support and you may well run into compatibility and performance issues. Recommended for advanced web developers only.

Operating System GNU Linux/Unix*
Web Server Apache with mod_rewrite
PHP Version PHP 7.4+ (8.2 Recommended)
MySQL/MariaDB Version 5.7/10.2 (8.0/10.6 Recommended)
* Some non GNU systems like Solaris have compatibility issues. CubeCart v6 has had minimal testing with Windows operating systems. Out of the box it will not work without the following IIS rewrite rules which will need to be configured after install.