CubeCart Security Suite

Developer CubeCart
License Free
Compatibility CubeCart v6
Date Added 22nd Jun 2015, 12:54
Last Updated 9th Jul 2021, 14:31
Downloads 9,334



The CubeCart Security Suite adds a number of features to help secure and monitor your CubeCart v6 store.

Requires Ioncube Loaders 5.0.0 and above.

Standard Features: 

  • General security checks and recommendations such as disabling "dangerous" PHP functions.
  • Basic firewall allowing you to ban IP addresses.
  • Restrict access to the admin control panel to specific IP addresses only.
  • Email notifications when someone logs into the admin control panel from an untrusted IP address.

Pro Feature:

This is only available to users who are registered to a technical support plan.

  • File system integrity checks - Get email notifications if files have been added, updated or removed.

Auto Install/Upgrade

Click the thunderbolt () icon next to the package you wish to use for instructions.


1.0.1 - Fixed test for "passthru".
1.0.2 - Added warning about fixed IP addresses.
1.0.3 - Fixes checkboxes on config page.
1.0.4 - Fixed paths from relative to absolute
1.0.5 - Fixed language path to be absolute
1.0.6 - Fixed error with creation of CubeCart_ccss_ip_addresses with database prefix
1.0.7 - Added support for legacy ioncube loaders version 4.4 loaders (PHP 5.2 -> 5.5). PHP 5.6 requires the v5 loaders. 
1.0.8 - Fixed clear cache notification issue
1.1.0 - Updated Pro to check by email address
1.1.1 - Ignore for ^./cubecart[a-z0-9]{13}.html$

Ref: 1/212