Channel module for CubeCart

Developer Noodleman
License Free
Compatibility CubeCart v6
Date Added 20th Sep 2018, 16:22
Last Updated 26th Oct 2018, 08:42
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The Linnworks channel is made up of two elements.

  1. You will require a Linnworks account and have the CubeCart channel added to your account via the Linnworks app store
  2. you require this module to be installed, configured and enabled. You must also accept the data transfer agreement, which is outlined in detail below

When you install the CubeCart channel within Linnworks you will be prompted for your API key. You can change your API key at any time by editing the channel within Linnworks.


Supported Features

  • Import inventory from CubeCart to Linnworks
  • Import orders from CubeCart to Linnworks
    • To prevent sending of orders in a Pending status to Linnworks, enable the "Do not send Pending Orders to Linnworks" setting
    • To prevent sending of orders in an Order Complete status to Linnworks, enable the "Do not send Completed Orders to Linnworks" setting
  • Update and Complete orders in CubeCart based on processing the order in Linnworks
  • Update CubeCart stock levels with those on Linnworks
  • Import Payment modules from CubeCart into Linnworks
  • Import Shipping modules from CubeCart into Linnworks

This module has the following requirements

  • PHP 7.1 or higher
  • IonCube loaders installed for PHP. Note: most hosting providers have these installed. If you are unsure about this item, please contact support.
  • A secure connection to your website (HTTPS)
  • Every product and product option has a unique product code
  • All product options must be added to the options matrix
  • CubeCart 6.2.3 or later - Contact support if you wish to use an earlier version of CubeCart
  • If you apply tax rules, ensure all of your inventory prices are configured excluding tax
  • Setup and schedule a process to run (cron job), see notes below.


  1. Do not use fixed price discount promotional codes. It is not possible to import orders that use fixed price discounts into Linnworks. CubeCart applies fixed price discounts against the order total, where as Linnworks applies fixed price discounts at the line item level. It is not possible to work around this and keep financial information accurate.
  2. It is not possible to update the price of products with options in CubeCart, based on adjustments in Linnworks. CubeCart sets a price for the base product which then is adjusted based upon selected options, where as in Linnworks each variation has a stand alone price. If you require matrix items to be revised based on changes in Linnworks please open a support ticket, there may be a solution for you by using the Absolute Matrix Option Prices plugin.
  3. Orders placed on your store before this module was installed, configured and enabled will not import correctly into Linnworks. This is by design as this module captures extra information required by Linnworks at the time orders are placed.

All documentation is self contained within the module itself.

Ref: 173/424