Square Payments

Developer CubeCart
License Free
Compatibility CubeCart v6
Date Added 3rd Apr 2019, 16:34
Last Updated 24th Oct 2019, 16:32
Downloads 680


  • Square-1.1.2.zip
  • Square-1.1.1.zip
  • Square-1.1.0.zip
  • Square-1.0.0.zip

Accept every payment quickly, easily and securely.

Our Square Payments integration allows you to take payments by;

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Apple Pay
  • Masterpass
  • Google Pay


1.1.0 - Auth only mode added and shipping/billing address parameters added to charge transaction.
1.1.1 - Added missing description field.
1.1.2 - Added session token to card form

Auto Install/Upgrade

Click the thunderbolt () icon next to the package you wish to use for instructions.

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