Ebay Orders

Developer Noodleman
License Commercial
Compatibility CubeCart v6 CubeCart v5
Date Added 2nd Dec 2014, 13:17
Last Updated 3rd Mar 2018, 11:21
Downloads 5,355


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  • 1.1.16_ebay_orders_PHP7.1_and_above.zip
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  • 1.1.16_ebay_orders_PHP5.5_and_lower.zip
  • 1.1.15_ebay_orders_PHP7.1_and_above.zip
  • 1.1.15_ebay_orders_PHP5.6_and_above.zip
  • 1.1.15_ebay_orders_PHP5.5_and_lower.zip
  • 1.1.14_ebay_orders_PHP7.1_and_above.zip
  • 1.1.14_ebay_orders_PHP5.6_and_above.zip
  • 1.1.14_ebay_orders_PHP5.5_and_lower.zip
  • 1.1.13_ebay_orders_PHP5.6_and_above.zip
  • 1.1.13_ebay_orders_PHP5.5_and_lower.zip
  • 1.1.12_ebay_orders_PHP5.6_and_above.zip
  • 1.1.12_ebay_orders_PHP5.5_and_lower.zip
  • 1.1.11_ebay_orders_PHP5.6_and_above.zip
  • 1.1.11_ebay_orders_PHP5.5_and_lower.zip
  • 1.1.10_ebay_orders_PHP5.6_and_above.zip
  • 1.1.10_ebay_orders_PHP5.5_and_lower.zip
  • 1.1.9_ebay_orders_PHP5.6_and_above.zip
  • 1.1.9_ebay_orders_PHP5.5_and_lower.zip
  • 1.1.8_ebay_orders.zip
  • 1.1.7_ebay_orders.zip
  • 1.1.6_ebay_orders.zip
  • 1.1.5_ebay_orders.zip
  • 1.1.4_ebay_orders.zip
  • 1.1.3_ebay_orders.zip
  • 1.1.2_ebay_orders.zip
  • 1.1.1_ebay_orders.zip
  • 1.1.0_ebay_orders.zip
  • 1.0.9_ebay_orders.zip
  • 1.0.8_ebay_orders.zip
  • 1.0.7_ebay_orders.zip
  • 1.0.6_ebay_orders.zip
  • 1.0.5_ebay_orders.zip
  • 1.0.4_ebay_orders.zip
  • 1.0.3_ebay_orders.zip
  • 1.0.2_ebay_orders.zip
  • 1.0.1_ebay_orders.zip

Ebay Orders is the part responsible for importing all of your data from Ebay, such as customer records and orders as well as leaving feedback, marking ebay items as dispatched and sending messages to your Ebay customer.

This CubeCart plugin allows you to manage your Ebay orders directly from CubeCart, doing away with a lot of the admin tasks that come with selling on Ebay. It helps make your CubeCart store a central stock management system for Ebay when used with the Ebay Sales plugin.

Ebay Orders is one half of the total Ebay Plugin Suite, Ebay Sales being the other.

You Can:

  • Import your Ebay customers as CubeCart customers
  • Import your Ebay sales as CubeCart orders
  • Automatically leave feedback for your Ebay customer
  • Automatically send an Ebay message to your customer
  • Update your CubeCart stock levels with Ebay sales, keeping your CubeCart inventory levels accurate.
  • Automatically mark your Ebay sold items as dispatched
  • Automatically update your Ebay sold items with the postal tracking details
  • Automatically Map your ebay listings to CubeCart inventory
  • Ebay orders will automatically get imported into your CubeCart orders
  • Import Ebay variation listings to CubeCart product options*

* Ebay variation listings are only supported if the Ebay listings have been sent to Ebay using the Ebay Sales plugin.


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I (Noodleman) pride myself on the quality of support I provide to my customers and feel strongly that any product is only as good as it's support. I resolve all issues promptly and issue an update to any module if required. Support isn't just about resolving issues... Support is also there to assist you get the most from your modules and help you should you need assistance with configuration or have general questions. I also take feature requests very seriously, should you feel that a feature is lacking from this, or any of my modules please let me know! I've honoured almost every enhancement request since I started writing modules for CubeCart, it adds value to  my software and to those people who use my software. Support is there to work with you, not just be somebody to turn to if something is broken..

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Ebay Orders Plugin


Version NumberRelease DateDownload LinkNotes
1.0.0 N/A N/A Closed Beta  
1.0.1 14th May 2013 1.0.1_ebay_orders.zip  
1.0.2 16th May 2013 1.0.2_ebay_orders.zip Bug fixes to solve white screen error
1.0.3 # # Customer specific version
1.0.4 12th October 2013 1.0.4_ebay_orders.zip Fixes a bug where the customer country field is always set to UK.
1.0.5 22nd October 2013 1.0.5_ebay_orders.zip Fixed a bug with international shipping options
1.0.6 10th November 2013 1.0.6_ebay_orders.zip Fixed a bug where under some scnearios, ebay orders would not get marked as dispatched
1.0.7 27th February 2014 1.0.7_ebay_orders.zip Bug fix to support special characters in customer names which can prevent orders from being imported.
1.0.8 14th May 2014 1.0.8_ebay_orders.zip Enhancements to the order import process to make it more reliable.
1.0.9 20th October 2014 1.0.9_ebay_orders.zip Release Notes
1.1.0 1st December 2014 1.1.0_ebay_orders.zip Increases limit on number of orders that can be imported in a single attempt from 100 to 2500.
1.1.1 13th December 2014 Removed due to bug, replaced with 1.1.2 Release Notes
1.1.2 18th December 2014 1.1.2_ebay_orders.zip License engine bug fix
1.1.3 23rd December 2014 1.1.3_ebay_orders.zip Resolved an issue that caused poor performance in the admin area.
1.1.4 10th February 2015 1.1.4_ebay_orders.zip Release Notes
1.1.5 17th March 2015 1.1.5_ebay_orders.zip Release Notes
1.1.6 15th May 2015 1.1.6_ebay_orders.zip Release Notes
1.1.7 7th September 2015 1.1.7_ebay_orders.zip Release Notes
1.1.8 5th March 2016 1.1.8_ebay_orders.zip Release Notes
1.1.9 16th May 2016



Release Notes
1.1.10 30th January 2017



Release Notes
1.1.11 2nd March 2017



Release Notes
1.1.12 2nd June 2017



Release Notes
1.1.13 30th June 2017



Release Notes
1.1.14 7th December 2017




Release Notes


22nd February 2018




Release Notes
1.1.16 3rd March 2018




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