Royal Mail - Click & Drop

Developer CubeCart
License Commercial
Compatibility CubeCart v6
Date Added 20th Sep 2021, 10:25
Last Updated 29th Jun 2023, 17:41



This extension is FREE for CubeCart Hosted merchants or those subscribed to our Managed Technical Support plan.
Please contact [email protected] to request installation and we will take care of it for you.

With the Royal Mail - Click & Drop extension you can instantly send orders to Royal Mail via CubeCart saving valuable time and costly mistakes via manual entry.

Auto Install/Upgrade

Click the thunderbolt () icon next to the package you wish to use for instructions.

Getting Started

Once installed please login to the admin control panel of your store.

  • Go to Manage Extensions and then RoyalMail - Click & Drop
  • Check the status box next to Status.
  • Enter your Click & Drop API authorisation key. This can be found here click add and choose the API.
  • Enter your Trading Name exactly as it shows on the page that shows the API key.
  • Save.

Release Notes
1.0.0 - Initial Release
1.0.1 - Fixes multiple items in order bug
1.0.2 - Fixes DB table creation with prefix
1.0.3 - Clones for product data & orders saves progress before sending to RM
1.1.0 - Send multiple orders at once via order list screen
1.1.1 - Postcode bug fix
1.2.0 - Send multiple orders at once via unsettled order of dashboard
1.2.1 - Fix show royalmail badge for custom order numbers
1.2.2 - Config bugfix
1.2.3 - Duplicate SKU fix

Ref: 1/494