UK Postcode Lookup / Address Finder

Developer Crafty Clicks - ClickToAddress
License Free
Compatibility CubeCart v6
Date Added 13th Mar 2015, 12:06
Last Updated 21st Jun 2018, 08:48
Downloads 1,311



This extension provides UK postcode lookup functionality on checkout in CubeCart. If you are looking for a solution that works world wide an not only in the UK, please look at our Global Address Auto Complete extension


  • Faster checkout/registration experience - a boost for conversions
  • More accurate addresses captured - fewer missed deliveries


Useful Info

  • To create an account with Crafty Clicks, click here. You will get a token by email, paste it in the extension config.
  • Please check current prices.


UK Only? What about international?

This extension supports UK postcodes only (based on Royal Mail PAF). The Find Address button is hidden for non-UK visitors.

If you also sell outside the UK, please get in touch as we may be able to help.



  • Cube Cart v6
  • Cube Cart versions down to 3 are supported by legacy releases, please get in touchcontact us


Do you offer support?

Yes, we do offer support during normal business hours. If you run into any issues, let us know and we will be happy help.

Is this really completely free?

The extension is free to download and try, but to use it on a live site you will need a paid account with us.

Do I need to sign up for an account to try it?

No, you can test without a trial account. These four free postcodes will always work: AA11AA, AA11AB, AA11AD and AA11AE.


Postcode lookup is a must-have feature on any UK facing e-commerce site!

Auto Install/Upgrade

Click the thunderbolt () icon next to the package you wish to use for instructions.

Manual Install

  1. Click the download icon ().
  2. Extract the package to your computer.
  3. Upload the main folder to the modules/plugins folder.
  4. It may be necessary to clear your store cache before it shows in the admin control panel of your store. This can be done from the "Rebuild" tab of the "Maintenance" area. Select "Clear cache" the click the submit button.

Ref: 42/175