Amzin (Bootstrap Responsive Skin)

Developer CubeCart
License Free
Compatibility CubeCart v6
Date Added 7th Feb 2022, 08:00
Last Updated 3rd May 2023, 09:33
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Amzin is a fully responsive and mobile friendly skin based on the Bootstrap framework to offer your customers an user friendly website across a range of devices. This skin comes with a total of 4 Styles which are more than suitable for a range of different websites. 

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------------------------ V1.07 ------------------------------

- Elasticsearch support

------------------------ V1.06 ------------------------------

- PHP 8.1 Fix (

------------------------ V1.05 ------------------------------

CubeCart 6.4.3 Compatibility Release

- Max Quantity Support (Requires CC 6.4.3)

- Scroll To Top Fix (Ajax Loading Products)

- Gravatar Ajax (Let the browser handle it) (Requires CC 6.4.3)

- Sale Items box Fix (Requires CC 6.4.3)

------------------------ V1.04 ------------------------------

- Checkout Address Form Fix

- Minor Layout Tweek for Mobile/Phone/Email info at checkout

- Fixed empty Alert box on Product page when in catalogue mode

----------------- V1.03 ---------------

** V1.03 is mainly a CubeCart 6.4.0 Compatibillity Update **

- Minimum Quantity Fix (Requires CC 6.4.1)

- What3Words Support Added (Requires CC 6.4.1)

- Removed Option Description In Favor of Option Name during checkout.

- SEO EXT Support added for Login, Register, Search Links (Requires CC 6.4.1)

- Other Product Options types Support

- Prevent Add To Cart Cache

- Absolute Price Fix

- Media Stream Support (Requires CC 6.4.0)

- Add "Digital Download" ref in Spec Table

- Update Cookie JS File

----------------- V1.02 ---------------

+ Fixed Auto-Submit issue on Estimate Shipping modal

----------------- V1.01 ---------------

- Improved Product Schema : 7 additional options added

- Hide Delivery Address if digital products

- Added login button during checkout

- Show Terms & Conditions checkbox with alternate checkouts

- Allow period in phone number



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