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"A great script. Sums up everything that should be in an E-Commerce script, with intuitive modules and clever product addition, CubeCart was what I wanted and more. Great job!"Tom Hallam
  • Open Source

    CubeCart is 100% free and completely customisable.
  • Extend

    A plethora of extensions are available from payment gateways to shipping calculators.
  • Technical Support

    Professional technical support is available directly from our developers.


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What is CubeCart?

Whether you are a retailer looking for an online store or a webmaster seeking an ecommerce solution for a client… CubeCart is a powerful free ecommerce solution enabling thousands of merchants globally to sell digital or physical products online.

Latest News

CubeCart 6.2.8 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of 6.2.8. This is a maintenance release resolving 2 GitHub issues.

What's New:

  • Fix to file manager widget for missing folders (Issue #2417)
  • Improvements to Request class (Issue #2418)


You can install CubeCart 6.2.8 instantly at

Permalink | 6th November 2019 16:30

CubeCart 6.2.7 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of 6.2.7. This is a maintenance release resolving 24 GitHub issues but it also have a few minor new features.

What's New:

  • WebP image format support (Issue #2381)
  • Setting to disable Gravatar (Issue #2400)
  • Setting to enable phone number on contact us form (Issue #2413) *
  • Setting for default shipping cost. Free, cheapest at cost or most expensive. (Issue #2410)


You can install CubeCart 6.2.7 instantly at

* Unless your store uses the default "Foundation" skin then manual code customisations will be needed to add this feature on the front end. We can add this for merchants on our Technical Support & Management service. 

Permalink | 4th November 2019 14:06

CubeCart 6.2.6 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of 6.2.6. This is a maintenance release resolving 54 GitHub issues.

Release Notes:
Please clear your temporary internet files or hard refresh the page if the rich text editor fails to load within the admin control panel. 


You can install CubeCart 6.2.6 instantly at

Permalink | 29th August 2019 14:03

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) Delayed 18 Months

The UK Financial Conduct Authority has now delayed the implementation of Strong Customer Authentication for 18 months. Official report at 

Permalink | 19th August 2019 17:30

Production Gear - Success Story using CubeCart & PayPal

When 3 colleagues lost their jobs, they followed their passion and set up on their own. Today, Production Gear sells professional-level broadcast, video and audio equipment to over 20,000 customers.


The great thing about CubeCart is the support. That’s where it really comes into its own.



We almost doubled our daily [online] sales when we switched to PayPal. It was crazy.

Read the whole article below:

Permalink | 11th July 2019 12:34

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